Sikkimese Lawyer Yangzee Pinhasa has informed that they will soon file a Contempt against Tourism Minister of West Bengal Gautem Deb since he spoke against Court Order of Sikkim thereby considering himself superior than the Court due to which this move may have to be taken.

On other hand on september 5, a police constable from Kalimpong Police Station had lodged a counter FIR at Namchi Police station wherein he admitted his guilt for Dawa Bhutia murder that he had fired at him on September 1 in surrounding Namchi while he was proceeding with SP Kalimpong. The said FIR was registered as GD by Namchi so far due to lapses of law since the deceased named has also mentioned as Dawa Lepcha in the FIR instead of Bhutia as his caste.

It has been proven that SP Kalimpong along with Minister Gautam Dev of West Bengal have been accused of conspiring against Dawa Bhutia murder case in Namchi on September.

Yangzee Pinhasa added that the main culprits behind the murder should be arrested